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Whether you’re a commissioned broker, a fee based advisor, or taking a co-fiduciary role to a plan, 401kActiveWatch offers the support of an independent Team of Experts to complement and augment your services to meet the ever growing needs and concerns of Your Clients. Join our Advisor Partnership Our Team operates under the mandate that it’s your client relationship; not ours. We will put that in writing through a Non-Compete Agreement.

6 Common Service Hurdles 401k Plan Advisors Face

Below are common service issues for which Advisors have requested our assistance. Our Advisor Partnership Program helps you in meeting the ever changing needs of Plan Sponsors and Participants. We do this by offering a dedicated Team of Experts and fiduciary services to support and complement your services in a manner which promotes your client relationships. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to connect with us.

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Acting as a Fiduciary for Participants

Most RP Advisors work at the Plan level to support plan fiduciaries acting at this Plan level, the Investment Advisor’s services are limited with regard to participant level investment advice. 401kActiveWatch mitigates this “service gap” to you and plan fiduciaries by adding a co- fiduciary layer directly with the plan participants.

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Validity of Fee Benchmarking

Do you depend on 3rd Parties for Fee Benchmarking to determine if the Plan Fees are reasonable for your clients? Most Advisors just don’t have the time or the staff to undertake this. We will provide “live bids” – increasing your negotiating leverage.

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Helping Employers Attract and Retain Employees

The Employer’s primary objective of their 401k plan is to attract and retain employees. 401kActiveWatch helps you address this shifting need, on an annual basis, by providing you our Plan Design Optimization Report.

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Helping to Avoid DOL Audits

What do you do when your client informs you they’ve received an Inquiry Letter from the DOL and EBSA? Over 66% of the time a EBSA visit results in monetary recovery. As part of your team, our experts will “jump in” to immediately evaluate the situation.

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Getting Employees Prepared to Retire

The costs associated with employees delaying retirement is becoming a major concern and expense for employers. Most 401k Advisors and Service Providers don’t have the time to address this issue properly through onsite Educational Retirement Seminars. 401kActiveWatch fills this void – to help employees can Retire Confidently.

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Improving Participant Retirement Outcomes

Some common suggestions for Improving Retirement Outcomes are Auto Enrollment, Auto Increase and TDF’s. However, we believe the real solution rests with improving the Investor Behavior of Plan Participants.

The Benefits are Straight Forward.

– Hands on 401k Solutions
– A Diverse Team of Experts
– Access to Portfolio Managers
– Fee Benchmarking Analysis & Support

– Tactical Investment Models
– Investment Advice for Plan Participants
– Improved Investor Behavior
– Improved Participant Outcomes

The good news is you can join our Advisor Partnership Program today. 401kActiveWatch provides you the power of a Team of Experts—to back you up, and give you leverage.


We encourage you to give us a call if you have clients or prospects for whom you need additional support. Join our advisor partnership program, and find out what we can do for you!


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