For Plan Sponsors
A common misconception of 401k Plan Sponsors is that their service providers are managing their fiduciary duties or acting as a co-fiduciary to the plan. 401kActiveWatch was created to help employers recognize and understand their duty and liability as the Named Fiduciary.
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6 Issues Employers Commonly Encounter

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Reducing Fiduciary Exposure

401kActiveWatch mitigates the exposure of the Plan’s Fiduciaries by adding a fiduciary layer directly with plan participants. This is accomplished through our Fiduciary Advisors delivering investment advice in the participants' best interest – the primary duty for all Plan Fiduciaries.

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Improving Retirement Outcomes

Common suggestions for Improving Retirement Outcomes are Auto Enroll and Auto Deferral Increases. The real solution lies with improving Participant Investor Behavior. We believe correcting Investor Behavior requires Active Account Management via individual meetings, conducted by a Fiduciary Advisor.

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Verifying Plan Expenses are Reasonable

We don’t believe that the common Fee Benchmarking study provided by current service providers, determines what the 401k market will bear. 401kActiveWatch helps Plan Fiduciaries determine if their plan fees are reasonable through the market verification of “live bids”.

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Re-evaluating Your Plan Design

Your labor requirements are changing, as do the labor markets. Evaluating your Retirement Plan Design helps you address these changes. We will conduct Annual Interviews with you, and your advisors, and based on the interview – we will deliver creative solutions along with our tailored Plan Design Optimization Report.

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Improving Participant Retirement Readiness

The price of your employees delaying retirement is costly. Many employees postpone retirement simply because they feel unprepared. We coach your employees via a series of Retirement Planning Seminars to equip them with the help & tools needed to Retire Confidently.

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Being Prepared for a Possible DOL Audit

The first step in avoiding a DOL Audit is by promptly and correctly responding to the DOL Inquiry Letter. Once we’re made aware of a DOL Inquiry Letter, our Team of Experts will “jump in” to evaluate the situation and consult with you and your other Plan advisors to respond effectively.

The Benefits are Straight Forward & Hands On.
– Minimize Fiduciary Exposure
– Maximize Plan Design
– Benchmark Plan Expenses
– Professional Portfolio Management
– Fiduciary Advice For Participants
– 3(38) Fiduciary Investment Manager
– Improve Investor Behavior
– Increase Retirement Outcomes
401kActiveWatch provides hands-on support from fiduciary experts to maximize your 401k plan according to your needs & company mission; while mitigating your exposure as a fiduciary.
Key Questions For Plan Sponsors
– Not acting in the Best Interests of current and former Plan Participants.
  • Who is a Fiduciary with respect to your retirement plan?
    Reveal Answer
– Anyone who acts with discretionary authority over the plan.
– Your primary duty is to act solely in the best interests of plan participants.
– 401k Service Providers are seldom fiduciaries to the plan.
– Over 66% of the time a DOL Audit will result in monetary recovery directly from the employer.

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