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Fiduciary Informant | November

We are excited to launch the inaugural issue of the Fiduciary Informant. This newsletter is dedicated to effectively inform our clients of current trends within the 401k marketplace. We aim to raise and address fiduciary matters, provide helpful tips for improving your plan, and identify the benefits of a good financial wellness program. Please enjoy this month’s newsletter!

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An Introduction to Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is a newer employee benefit. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing employee benefit as of 2016. But what’s all the interest in this program? Over 80% of companies have already employed a wellness program of sorts. We have seen the dramatic affects it has on employee productivity and retention.

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Definition of a Fiduciary Advisor

The following is an article by Sr. Consultant on the definition of a fiduciary advisor. It is important to realize that this definition comes straight from the pension protection act of 2006.

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Roles for Unbundled 401k Plans

There are four main roles in unbundled retirement plans: the advisor, an investment manager, a record keeper, and a third party administrator. The graphic below demonstrates each role and their responsibilities in relation to the plan sponsor.

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401kActiveWatch at a Glance

401kActiveWatch at a Glance The Role of 401kActiveWatch with your Retirement Plan. See how 401kActiveWatch fits into the narrative of the ever changing retirement plan environment. A message from Our Director of Retirement Plans • The enactment of the DOL Fiduciary...

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Prospecting Through Third Party Administrators

Prospecting Through Third Party Administrators What is the real value proposition for 401kActiveWatch? 401kActiveWatch is our Brand for delivering comprehensive Retirement Plan Solutions. Our key differentiators with other Retirement Plan shops? HIS offers in-house...

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401kActiveWatch Trifold Brochure

401kActiveWatch Trifold Brochure What is the unique purpose of this trifold brochure? This trifold is designed to help the Advisor explain 401kActiveWatch to employers. This unique piece highlights perfectly the story, services, and solutions that 401kActiveWatch has...

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Understanding Irrational Investor Behavior

Irrational investor behavior plagues all of us, since we are indeed human. No one, not even the professionals, really know how and when markets will react to either bad or good news. Markets have, and will continue to be…

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