Financial Wellness

Financial Stress can kill your employee’s productivity. The next stop is your bottom line. So, how can you combat this? That’s where Financial Wellness steps in.
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What is Financial Wellness?

Financial Wellness aims to improve the health and wellbeing of any employee’s finances. A good program begins by first assessing their financial situation and assigning scores to various categories. Once gaps in their behavior, savings, retirement planing, etc. can be identified, appropriate solutions can be applied. Once again, a good program has a fiduciary advisor who can walk along side the employee to help coach them along a financial path.

Financial Wellness increases the wellbeing of your employees by providing investment advice, financial coaching, and a financial plan. Studies show that financial stress impacts not only your employee but the company as well. If you reduce this stress, you could improve their productivity significantly.

The ActiveWatch Standard.

Employees who are confident in their financial future.

We believe Financial Wellness, if done correctly, can provide major support to a businesses. With this solution, everybody wins. We have an opportunity to build relationships with employees, they get the support they need to build a healthy financial future, and the business gets happy and productive employees.

We start by taking on voluntary meetings with any of your employees who want to meet with us. During our meeting with them we measure their financial standing by walking through a questionnaire. Once we have a grasp for their unique situation, we work on building a plan and coaching them along the way.