Setting Up Your Account

* We just need a few things to help you get setup with your account. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Providing us with your current 401k lineup.

Your Fund Line-Up will be necessary for us to determine which recommendations to make. Since you have selected a model, and are now uploading your 401k Fund Line-Up, we will be able to help lead you according to your selections.

Your HR Representative should be able to provide you with the 401k Fund Line-Up. Have them send it to you. Typically it will be in the form of an spreadsheet. Once you have received it, you may upload it here.

If you signed up for 401k Account Recommendations you will have to upload your current 401k fund line-up, which you can do here.

After we have received your 401k Fund Line-Up, our professionals will analyze it and determine your first set of recommendations. Please expect this process to take up to 24 hours to take place.

After submitting, you will be redirected.