Services for Plan Sponsors

Official ERISA Based Services for Sponsors of Retirement Plans And Their Participants

Below are the core services, to help you as a plan sponsor minimize your fiduciary exposure. If you are looking for our services, and need help deciding what each service does, please scroll through below and click "learn more" on any service you would like to know more about.

Our Deliverable ERISA Services . . .
3(38) Fiduciary Investment Manager
Harvest Investment Services can provide a 3(38) Fiduciary Investment Manager. Thus relieving you as the plan sponsor/trustee from liability in regards to the investment decisions made by the investment professionals.
Assistance with the Governance of the Plan Fiduciaries
As the Named Fiduciary, under section 402 of ERISA, your have a duty to select and monitor any co-fiduciaries associated with your plan. Our fiduciary manager can assist you in fulfilling this duty by providing period examinations of these co-fiduciaries, to ensure they are abiding by their duties appropriately.
Assistance with Plan Committee Meetings
Here we offer assistance with the structure of these meetings, including recording the minutes for proper documentation.
Assistance with Vendor Management
Our Director of Retirement Plans provides periodic or on-demand benchmarking analysis of the plan service providers.
Employee Investment Education
Our Fiduciary Advisors will provide one-on-one meetings for Participants who want investment advice, which complies with the new DOL Fiduciary Rules.
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