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401kActiveWatch is a brand of comprehensive Retirement Plan Solutions created to help Employers, Individuals and Advisors address today's and tomorrow's challenges with 401k Plans.




For Employers

Under ERISA, every retirement plan must have a Named Fiduciary; almost always this is the employer/plan sponsor. A Named Fiduciary has a legal duty to act solely in the best interest of the plan participants and their beneficiaries.

3 Questions
Every Plan Sponsor Should Answer

Q1: Can I be held personally liable for my duties as a plan fiduciary?


The answer is yes. As a named fiduciary, you could be held personally liable for a fiduciary breach.

Q2: What risk do I have if my plan expenses are deemed to be unreasonable?


The major risk that you run is the risk of litigation for a fiduciary breach.

Q3: What are my risks and my employees risks during the next major market downturn?


A fiduciary may be held liable for plan losses.

401kActiveWatch was created to offer a full menu of pick and choose services, supported by our Team of Experts. We also provide various co-fiduciary roles including that of a 3(38) Investment Manager to reduce your fiduciary risk and exposure. To see more about what this means for you, and the solutions we can deliver, click below.


For Individuals

For most of us, our 401k Account is our largest asset. Maintaining your quality of life during retirement relies heavily on your ability to manage and invest your 401k properly. Answer the questions below and determine if this is true for yourself.

3 Questions
Every Participant Of A 401k Plan Should Consider

Q1: Did my 401k become a 201k during the last major recession of 2008?


Whether you were invested in a target date fund, or your account was diversified, you suffered major losses.

Q2: Will my future be at risk if my 401k goes through another major market meltdown?


Most likely, chances are that your future standard of living will be adversely affected.

Q3: Is there actually a way someone can help me manage this risk?


Yes, let 401kActiveWatch expertly oversee your risk.

401kActiveWatch allows you to have your 401k Account Professionally Managed with built-in downside risk controls. To see the solutions that 401kActiveWatch has to offer, click below.

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For Advisors

Today, more than ever, RP consultants are under greater Regulatory Scrutiny and 401k plans are becoming a literal minefield.

3 Questions
Every Plan Consultant Should Answer

Q1: Do I have the authority and experience necessary to comply with the new fiduciary rule?


The new Fiduciary Rule Requires that products comply with the Best Interest Contracts. Many B/Ds are also considering allowing only Reps with proven experience.

Q2: Am I confident that the services I am rendering are in my clients best interest?


Advisors will now have a legal duty to demonstrate their services are in the best interests of plan participants.

Q3: Does my firm have the expertise to address and service the increasing needs of plan sponsors and their participants?


If you're not sure, 401kActiveWatch can help by providing you with a Team of Experts to support you.

401kActiveWatch offers a Team of Experts to compliment your services and help you navigate through the 401k minefield. To learn more about what our Partnership Program looks like, click below.