3 Basic Account Options

The first step to having your 401k account managed is to determine how much of our involvement you want. There are three options to choose from.

Option 1

401k Account Recommendations

We do an initial evaluation of your current plan investment choices. We give you recommendations, typically at least once a quarter. Our recommendations are based on our investment models in accordance to your risk profile and the investment options available under your 401 k Plan. If our Bull-Bear Indicator, our ‘traffic signal’, turns red, then we will inform you – so you may avoid market risk.

Option 2

Active 401k Account Management

With many 401 k Recordkeepers you may authorize us to make investment changes within your 401 k account for you. These investment changes we make to your 401 k account are based on the Investment Models you selected in accordance to your risk profile, and, the available investment options under your 401 k Plan. If our Bull-Bear Indicator turns red, we will move your assets into the available less risky investment options.

Option 3

Complete Account Management Through a Brokerage Account

If a brokerage window (Self Directed Brokerage Account – SDBA) already exists under your 401 k plan or available through your Plan’s Recordkeeper; then we are able to fully manage your account. The SDBA allows us to invest your 401k in a more efficient Exchange Traded Funds providing the ability for our best efforts through intra-day trading.